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SCOPE: LOD 300 to 500

The MASAR Project is located in the Holy City of Mecca, at the heart of the Islamic culture and its religion. The project comprises over 1.2 million square meters of new development articulated by a central pedestrian boulevard leading to Al Haram Mosque. The new MASAR development is a signature urban development project providing connectivity to the Al Haram, a long grand pedestrian boulevard. This boulevard is flanked by hotels, commercial and retail facilities, residential buildings, car parking, public spaces and public amenities. This project will support religious, social and commercial activities to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and other visitors and local residents.


Roads, Architectural, MEP, Streetscape


The main challenge for this project is its size, the project itself is spread for approximately 4.8KM linear direction.

As we had almost all packages to develop shop drawing for, the coordination part was simple, however the execution timeline was challenging. 

With our flexible working approach, we implemented a solution to work in shifts to make sure production occurs as per simultaneously to construction timeline. 


In addition, we were faced with the COVID pandemic, which created the work from home scenario. To tackle the complexities of a large remote team, we used cloud storage with BIM360 and various other tools and programs to ensure design collaboration, work sharing and coordination was effective and in alignment with production site activities.

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