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Seaworld Large_final.jpg


SCOPE: LOD 300 to 500

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a next generation marine life theme park set to open in Yas Island 2022. It will feature six different realms in a unique design offering immersive experiences as well as dynamic habitats. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will also feature the world’s largest and most expansive marine-life aquarium, housing more than 68,000 marine animals, including sharks, schools of fish, manta rays and sea turtles.




To develop a BIM model for this mammoth project is a massive undertaking. Duncan & Ross worked in coordination with 18+ other participants who were concurrently developing their unique model. Weekly coordination was required to ensure a progressed model. With our expertise in BIM and with a well experienced team managing theme park projects, we implemented a volume split strategy to make sure it is suitable to every project participant, in addition that different areas can be worked on parallelly by the team.


Another obstacle was to develop the coordination drawing for interior discipline; it was imperative to confirm all other discipline information was well considered and absorbed to produce a well-coordinated drawing.


To overcome this challenge we developed an automation process which helped us to export these multiple Revit  Navisworks  and other discipline models overnight without compromising our teams actual production time.

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