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Diriyah Gate BIM Design Consultancy





The Diriyah Gate will see 7 km2 of the historic town of Diriyah transformed into a global tourism destination with its main anchors rooted in the historic culture and heritage. It aims to be developed as an urban, mixed-use development inspired by the principles of both new urbanism and historical Najdi architectural typology.


DGDA is focused on protecting and preserving the Kingdom’s history including the stories of forefathers as well as the physical heritage. The Authority is ensuring Diriyah’s cultural landmarks are complimented by leading hospitality brands, fine dining experiences and world-class retail offerings. The project comprises of the upper luxury escarpment resort – resort hotel (H-06) and the Wadi Hanifah villas (WH).




Our scope was originally limited to BIM management, however Duncan & Ross knows the dynamic of BIM is not limited for management only. We went the extra mile to support our client and their sub consultants. The main objective for this project was to educate all project participants about common goals and strategy required to adopt and to deliver this iconic project successfully.


We supported our client for BIM management making sure 12+ other consultants understand the BIM requirement and the required deliverables; a large amount of instruction and coaching was required. 


Our expertise in this field and previous experience supported us to execute this BIM project management role smoothly. We started with defining BEP, BMP along with MIDP and MDS making it very focused for the end user and client. Also our expertise in setting up “Common Data Environment” (CDE) as per international standards simplified the process for everyone.

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