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Doha Metro




The Doha Metro is a Rapid Transit system in Doha Qatar’s capital city that became operational on 8 May 2019. It has three lines with an approximate overall length of 76 km and 37 stations.


Duncan & Ross concluded one of its largest mobilizations on this project. We worked hand in hand with over 18 multinationals main and subcontractors and deployed 280 engineers throughout the course of this project. Our scope included the design support of the Gold, Red and Green Line on a fixed price model and on a secondment approach. We deployed 80 installation, testing and commissioning engineers all of which had excellent exposure to railway projects. We worked on SCADA and ELV System, including mechanical and HVAC Systems. Duncan & Ross took on strategic consultancy deployments for contract negotiation support for multinationals involving over a dozen contract negotiators and specialists. We are also the preferred supplier of engineers for planning, electrical, and civil works.




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