• Face-to-face meetings with most of Mid and Senior Management;

  • Review of previously generated reports (internally and externally);

  • Assessment of current situation and agreeing with various stake holders on an action plan


  • Initial study report prepared with recommendations in order to move forward;

  • Meetings with various stakeholders in order to test the recommendations;

  • Various workshops held across the organization in order to socialize the new findings and culture.

  • Main Recommendations to date:

    • The merging of various divisions that have similar scope in order to create a leaner and more efficient structure;

    • The creation of a new centralized division in order to have a better structure with a direct line or reporting to Management, thus enforcing a new culture and ideas which were non existent to that day, and ensuring that customer satisfaction is a top priority – implementing proven and tested structures in Japan.

Duncan and Ross was appointed by the client in KSA in order to advise and assist them in optimizing their quality assurance function, and the development of policies and procedures in order to have a leaner structure and minimize the rate of error and delicacy of work.


  • A decrease in the volume of sales and a shrinking market share since the beginning of the year;

  • A downturn in the regional economy;

  • Lack of organizational efficiency;

  • Decrease in customer satisfaction; and

  • Lack of productivity